Design Thinking to Improve Work Processes

Rakuten Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as RIT) has a mission to help Rakuten teams with innovation and improve Rakuten products and services using cutting-edge technologies. RIT doesn’t directly collaborate with actual clients, but with long-term partners belonging to the same global company. As a consequence, the success of RIT providing such services, is tied to the level of trust and common understanding between RIT and its partners. In RIT Paris team, we had the intuition that our team could benefit from a holistic study of its operations, using a more user-centric approach than our traditional tech-centric approach. We internally developed skills in fields like UX Design, Design Thinking and Design Sprint, and we put them in practice to test our intuition.

User Experience and Storytelling Innovations with 360 Video

360 video cameras allow to create useful content for virtual visits where users feel immersed in remote surroundings and can look in any direction. It will be useful for Rakuten businesses where the quality of service depends on the characteristics of real-world places like beauty salons, travel destinations, and the technology will be helpful for explaining about Rakuten ecosystem or work environment based on real-life situations. Some experiments are ongoing in this domain with Rakuten Beauty and with Rakuten France HR department.

A beginner's guide on how to win a Deep Learning challenge

Our team, from Rakuten Technology Institute Singapore, was among the top 3 in Rakuten Deep Learning Challenge for recipe image classification. This article elaborates on how we trained a decent model for image classification. Although we have deep learning experience in NLP, this is our first experience dealing with image data. We believe it provides a good reference for beginners.

Microservice Architecture

, Yoshinori Oe, Container

What is Microservice Architecture

Compared with Monolith Architecture

Monolith Organization

microservice conways-law

Rakuten TECH x Startup TECH with Rakuten Technology Conference 2018

, Madhawa Bandara, RTC

    Whilst many technology events are lined up around the world for this fall, Rakuten is proud to pioneer technology events in Asia by featuring one of the biggest conferences in the region, Rakuten Technology Conference 2018! Continuing the big success for the past decade, 12th Annual Rakuten Technology Conference will be held on 27th October 2018 at Rakuten Crimson House, Tokyo.

Message from the Chairperson of Rakuten Technology Conference 2018 Executive Committee

, Madhawa Bandara, RTC

   There is about one month for one of the biggest technology events in Asia region, Rakuten Technology Conference 2018(RTC), focusing on new technology trends like blockchain, AI, Bigdata and how the startups in these fields could benefit from the huge datasets that Rakuten owns and maintains within the Rakuten Ecosystem. The conference preparation team has been working hard to give the best possible experience for the attendees and make it the best and the biggest RTC so far and they have geared up the as we get close to the event with over a thousand of early registrations. So, if you haven’t still registered, please get registered at to save your spot for this valuable opportunity for free!

Blockchain Momentum - Part 2 of 2

, Yoshinori Oe, Blockchain

The Beginning of Bitcoin

  • The Bitcoin’s White Paper was disclosed by Satoshi Nakamoto on October 31st, 2008 and the Genesis Block was mined on January 3rd, 2009.
  • Bitcoin has never been tampered for nine years as of 2018

AI Shopping Assistant explained at The National Convention of "Society of Global Business"

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    Since Rakuten AI platform has been launched in April 2017, we have launched 40+ AI Chatbot for external customers (consumers and business partners of Rakuten) as well as internal employees. But those are based on FAQ or frequently asked questions and provide answers to relatively simple questions.

Blockchain Momentum - Part 1 of 2

, Yoshinori Oe, Blockchain


    A blockchain provides an immutable record of transactions performed across a network without the need to rely on an intermediary, such as a central bank.     It is a concept that brings together economics and digital technologies in a way that was never before conceived. Blockchain enables not just new means by which to deliver financial services and support cryptocurrencies, but can also reshape and redefine government, legal services, accounting, insurance, supply chains, and energy distribution.

Rakuten's Intellectual Property activities for future innovations

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    Recently I have received five Certificates of Patent from Japan Patent Office as shown in the picture below.