On the opening of Rakuten Tech Blog

, Masaya Mori, announce

Hello, everyone. I’m Masaya Mori, the global head of Rakuten Insitute of Technology, and a department manager for Rakuten Development Unit. We are starting a new technology blog to share technology stories inside Rakuten, putting a variety of posts.

We have held Rakuten Technology Conference with your continuing support since 2007. Besides, in recent years we have held various tech talk events and hackathon events, and our engineers often take the stage to give a talk in external conferences so that we have many opportunities to share information about our technology with you. However, we would like to show more about our core technology, engineer’s thought and life. From now on, a variety of members in Rakuten Development Unit will write a post on this blog in turn. We hope you all will enjoy it.

We engineers are always worried about many things and struggling with a bunch of issues and problems in daily business, in daily development, in daily testing and in daily operation. Sometimes, we have a tendency to look for a powerful solution to problems, a so-called veritable panacea or “Silver bullet”. However, in each case we recognize that there is no solution to resolve all problems. There is no “Silver bullet”. There is no answer outside. It’s the other way around. The answer is inside. Engineer has got a key internally. Alchemist find gold here. Make your internal idea real. Spark it. That’s a true solution. That’s why we’ll start showing more about what’s going on inside.

Rakuten has 3 important business pillars of EC, Finance and Digital Contents, with over 50 businesses in more than 20 countries, and around 5000 engineers. We’ve got a bunch of services, and lots of operations. We’re always working on hundreds of development projects globally. We are still in the age of the internet revolution continuing to grow worldwide. You can see many exciting things here. More and more services are emerging which young engineers generate across the globe. It’s happening all over the world. We hope you’ll enjoy and feel what’s going on in terms of technology inside Rakuten.

Thank you so much. Enjoy our blog!