Can Artificial Intelligence really be made? Part 3 of 3

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

[Artificial Intelligence as a good partner]

With very rapid penetration of internet, computers around the world are being connected. When I first used internet in 1980s, there was no search engine existed. Since then, search engine was invented and we can instantly display the information in the computer around the globe.

Search engine basically finds and shows the information that contains words you are providing as search keyword. However, if you don’t know such keyword to find, it would be difficult to find. In such case, Artificial Intelligence will be a good partner to help your search.

In the world, there are many wonderful music, beautiful paintings and emotional stories that we have not heard or seen yet. With current search, we are just able to experience only a fraction of such great assets mankind has left behind.

Once Artificial Intelligence starts understanding your preference and your nature of behavior, Artificial Intelligence can act on your “digital twin.” This Japanese anime “PAR-man” (broadcast 1967-1968) was made by animator Fujiko F. Fujio around I was kid and in the anime “Copy Robot” appears. When the hero of the anime “PAR-man” escapes his house secretly, the “Copy Robot” is used to make an alibi when his mom who does not know her son is the hero enters his room. When the nose of the robot is pressed, the robot morphs to be exactly same as the looks of the person who pressed the button and surprisingly the memory is inherited so it is really like a function realized with Artificial Intelligence.

[Artificial Intelligence that becomes your agent]

Artificial Intelligence knowing the fundamentals of your behaviors and preferences, it will lead that Artificial Intelligence acts and performs on your behalf. Recently we are seeing more articles about some speculation that Artificial Intelligence may eliminate our jobs.

In the latter half of 1980 when I graduated from school, all train stations are handled ticket and commuting pass by human station staffs who are standing at ticketing gates. However, year by year the human ticket gates are replaced with automated ticket gates. In the beginning, ticket or commuting pass are inserted to automated ticketing gates and are received after passing through. With this mechanism, one of multiple ticketing gates is regularly maintenance due to the cleaning of the magnetic powder placed on the back of ticket and commuting pass.

These days, the system is greatly improved using contactless card called Felica developed by Sony and it enables very smooth pass through the ticketing gate and both ticket and commuting pass can be stored in the same card.

The task of ticketing gate will be one of the tasks computer is able to handle more precise and less error than human. In addition, it offers huge merit to minimize unauthorized ride and then provides business values therefore it has been adopted by many public transportation such as trains and bus in Japan.

[Better relationship between human and Artificial Intelligence – Birth of Personal AI]

Tasks better handled by computer will continue to be increasing. However, it does not mean the tasks done by human are to be disappeared. Simpler tasks will be executed by computer but human will shift toward more creative tasks.

As a result, Artificial Intelligence will be a good partner of such creative tasks and will guide human necessary information from vast volumes of data and with huge computation and simulations, Artificial Intelligence will generate estimate and forecast properly.

With the population of personal computer, thinking that the world after 1980 has been changed dramatically changed and improved, it is natural to imagine that the future world will be further transformed with the population of personal AI as a partner of mankind. When Artificial Intelligence handles tasks, single human may be able to establish big business and operate it by oneself. Only president is human and other finer tasks like accounting, legal and human relations are handled by Artificial Intelligence; this may not a dream.

I think autonomous driving is a good example of Artificial Intelligence being a good partner of mankind. Even without knowing the path, with being bad in health, you may arrive in the destination with autonomous driving. Off course, it is allowed to drive yourself if you would to without relying on Artificial Intelligence.

When we think of issues and future of Japan where being aged society, the role of Artificial Intelligence plays an important role for the future of Japan (and any nation where being aged society)

[Like a relationship between athletes in sports and engineering & science]

For the sports competition aiming at the world records, the development to achieve much higher objectives is made; this is to support athletes’ performances based on the material development and analysis of athletic wears and shoes for its sweating ability & elasticity.

As previously explained, even the domain which is formerly considered as human territory such as Chess, Shogi (Japanese Chess) and Go may introduce new competition rules with computer assisted. Already in the auto racing, huge data packets are sent from many sensors equipped on the automobile to the supercomputer at the remote location and the analysis was returned from there to the pit; then racing strategy is modified and updated to win. Not only this kind of cutting edge competition, but also our ordinary life will be supported by the analysis, understanding and action with the help of computer and it is really looking forward to seeing new ideas and proposal for better & fulfilling life of ours.

(End of Part 3 of 3)