Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

, Masaya Mori, announce

Message from Chairperson

On the opening of Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

    This year happily marks the 11th anniversary of Rakuten Technology Conference which we have been hosting since 2007 thanks to your continued support. This conference is planned and operated by Rakuten engineers each year with a theme relative to innovation trends.

    In recent years, we have taken on lots of challenges for innovation. Cloud computing has emerged. And as smart devices have become common and social network services have grown, big data with data science are spreading. Service development is becoming complicated. We have implemented global distributed development, agile methodologies and DevOps. Now, IoT is becoming increasingly popular. Disruptive AI and deep learning are garnering attention. They are enabling groundbreaking technologies such as various robots, autonomous cars, pilotless drones, etc. and transforming industries inside out. AR and VR are also evolving. Just thinking about changes in the coming 10 years can be overwhelming.

    This year, we have set the theme as “Head, Hands, and Heart”.
    We have now many great solutions. The word “Head” symbolizes information processing out of them such as Big data, data science or AI. And the word “Hands” symbolizes implementation or physical area solutions such as development methodologies like agile development, mob programming, IoT or robotics. However, those are not enough for delivering great value to people and society. For them, we want to put human connection at the center of everything we deliver.

    Do you know the 1927 movie called “Metropolis”? It’s known as the first movie in which a robot appeared. The key message of the story is that the intermediary between the brain and the hand is the heart. It’s only the heart that connects data or knowledge to implementation or physical area. We’re continuously tackling new challenges like AI, IoT and robotics, etc. But we may want to keep thinking more about our hearts. We will create more value with hearts and between hearts.

    We will reflect those thoughts in the actual sessions this time. Under that vision, we will cover topics on our next challenges, with various speakers on AI, robotics, education, new development ways, world-class OSS, and so on. Rakuten speakers will also be giving talks. You will also hear about overseas group companies, the achievements by data scientists, the latest research by RIT and so forth. Plus, we plan to have an experience-based education event for children. You will enjoy seeing the future.

    Join us to see the future and hopefully you will feel the excitement between hearts.
    We are looking forward to seeing you.

Masaya Mori
Executive Committee Chair
Rakuten Technology Conference 2017