Rakuten’s First Personalized Bot & Beyond

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    I am happy to share the news that Rakuten had introduced our first personalized chatbot based on Rakuten AI Platform. This AI Platform was announced in April, 2017 and is DevOp-ed by AI Promotion Department at Rakuten.

Screen of personalized chat bot from Rakuten Ichiba
(second button is to view delivery status of your order from Rakuten Ichiba)

    This chatbot has an ability to provide delivery status of shipment that our customer purchased from Rakuten Ichiba (EC). Rakuten customers will enjoy its convenience when accessing the status of delivery of purchased products from Rakuten Ichiba.

    Chatbot is rapidly being one of popular applications for conversational interactions with stake holders including customers. Chatbot can be applicable to the wide range of conversational tasks both in B2C and B2B domains. Different from search, chatbot provides ability to navigate customer to the goal interactively.

    As AI Promotion Department has envisioned to maximumly utilize AI Technologies for transforming Human Computer Interaction from computer centric to human centric. This feature is still a baby step to be true human centric Human Computer Interaction, however, it will prove a huge potential for more personalized automated bot that will be released from Rakuten.

    Currently there are more than 20 projects for automated chatbot in progress so I am looking forward to informing of our newly bots to be introduced in coming 2018.