Rakuten's Intellectual Property activities for future innovations

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    Recently I have received five Certificates of Patent from Japan Patent Office as shown in the picture below.

patent certificates

    Those patents certified are based on my idea closely working with talented colleagues at Rakuten. The patents are filed in the technological domains such as AI, Human computer interaction, Big Data analytics, Recommendations, etc.

    As announced on June 11th, Rakuten will enhance its company structure by grouping into five pillar of business categories. They are FinTech group company, Commerce group company, Communications & energy company, Media business company and Investment & incubation company.

    As you see the wide spectrum of Rakuten business domains, the scope and depth in technology as well as global footprint of Rakuten are rapidly expanding. This means the efforts to secure company’s intellectual property over competition in innovation is being more important. In sync with growth of business domain and geographical foot print, Rakuten’s number of patent filed are rapidly increased as shown in the graph below.


    In addition, earlier this year Rakuten announced to enter the mobile carrier business. By combining Rakuten’s 70+ services in 29 countries & regions with mobile network & mobile devices, there are huge opportunities for next generation innovations.

    To become true “Global Innovation Company”, our corporate commitment, our intellectual property department team has devoted to file various patentable ideas from Rakuten’s technology community across the world as well as business organizations. Keeping intellectual property is required to keep our business competitive as well as to offer customer friendly service platform for business partners. As a result of all Rakutenian’s efforts, Rakuten had received an award from Commisioner of the Patent Office in 2015.

    Not only the patent filed in Japan, Rakuten are expanding our intellectual property portfolio as our business footprint grows globally. Here’s the photo of Certificate of Patent issued by Patent Office in various countries.


    To accelerate there activities at Rakuten, we are looking for people who would like to contribute to Rakuten’s business globally expanding from intellectual properly point of views. If you wish to work at Rakuten, from core technology such as AI, Big Data analytics to business related technology, across a national border, across a border between technology and IP law, and a border of English and Japanese (multi-lingually) , Rakuten welcomes you !

    As well as Intellectual Property team, my AI Promotion Department in Technology Division is opening positions for Engineers & Product / Project Managers who handles AI products across Rakuten. Please check the link below !!