Eight ways AI applications are already making conventional EC smarter – from chatbots to creative AI

, Masaya Mori, AI

    There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change the world over the next few decades. What many do not realize however, is that in some fields, it has already become a large part of the status quo. One such example is e-commerce (EC).

Rakuten’s First Personalized Bot & Beyond

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    I am happy to share the news that Rakuten had introduced our first personalized chatbot based on Rakuten AI Platform. This AI Platform was announced in April, 2017 and is DevOp-ed by AI Promotion Department at Rakuten.

Collaborative Ecosystems with Data and AI at Rakuten Institute of Technology

, Masaya Mori, AI

New Approach to Innovation – A Collaborative Ecosystem

    Data is one of the most important resources for the economy in the present age. And what’s more, AI is now bringing new value to society at a significant pace.

AI-nization at Rakuten

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

Introduction of Rakuten AI Platform

    At Rakuten, AI Promotion Department was established in August, 2016 and accelerates the commercial deployment of AI functionalities to various Rakuten services.

SHIFT to Swift

, Pavan Kumar, Swift

SHIFT to Swift

An Unusual Journey from Objective-C

Table of Contents

  • Who should read this document?
  • Objective-C to Learning Swift
  • About Swift
  • Why Swift?
  • Swift vs Objective-C
  • Difference
  • Swift and Objective-C Interoperability
  • Case Study
  • Conclusions

Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

, Masaya Mori, announce

Message from Chairperson

On the opening of Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

    This year happily marks the 11th anniversary of Rakuten Technology Conference which we have been hosting since 2007 thanks to your continued support. This conference is planned and operated by Rakuten engineers each year with a theme relative to innovation trends.

Kubernetes Traffic Routing - Part 2 of 2



    This blog explains the details of Ingress, which is one of the ways to expose Pods running in K8S cluster to outside the world, what is Ingress and it’s fundamental concept and major features.
    By the end, you will learn what you benefit from Ingress.

Kubernetes Traffic Routing - Part 1 of 2


    This blog introduces multiple ways how Kubernetes (a.k.a K8S) routes inbound traffic from outside of K8S cluster in a practical manner. By the end, you will get some input to achieve K8S loadbalancer function as the best practice.

Rakuten's Journey to HTTPS

, William Moore, HTTPS

Rakuten’s Journey to HTTPS – Lessons So Far

Rakuten group is currently migrating its services to HTTPS; any service that uses HTTP is being migrated to HTTPS. This includes not just websites but also our mobile applications and other services we offer, for example ad and content services. This work is still ongoing, however globally over 80% of Rakuten’s services had completed their migration by March 2017. We wanted to share our lessons for managing such a large scale migration.

Security Team's activities with the academic world

Self Introduction

Hello, World, this is Yu-Lu “Chris” Liu, I am the Office Manager of the IT Security Engineering Office, the technical security team at Rakuten, Inc. (hereby Rakuten). I am also a member of Rakuten-CERT. I would like to share about our on-going activities with universities. We believe we are nourishing the next generation of security pioneers, and contributing to society while protecting Rakuten’s users.