Enhancing Microservices Communication - Service Mesh



    Cloud Native Application Architecture (a.k.a CNAA) came up with the idea of microservices which have changed application design and deployment pattern with two key factors, container (e.g. Docker) and orchestration layer (e.g. Kubernetes). They’ve also brought new approach to guarantee network communication to stay reliable, fast, secure, observable and manageable and at last it resulted in “Service Mesh”.
    This blog introduces what and why Service Mesh, it’s fundamental concept, major features and two key products implementing the features.
    Lastly, you will get highly recommended blue print of the architecture for building Service Mesh.

Mobile Automation Device Lab

Mobile Automation Device Lab

As the world moves mobile so must the effort for testing and automating the quality checks for our apps. In today’s fragmented world of Android and IOS with different versions and different handset vendors, there is much to verify. In Rakuten, we need to test on real devices and to achieve this level of automation, we have hacked together our very own device lab.

There Is No Artificial Intelligence

, Laurent Ach, AI

All the recent amazing achievements of artificial intelligence are categorized as narrow intelligence, but there is a lot of speculation about general and super intelligence. A recent, famous and impressive example of narrow intelligence is AlphaGo (and later AlphaGo Zero) by DeepMind, which can beat the top human players of the game of Go, considered for decades as very difficult for computers to play.

Continuous Delivery Industry Best Practice



    While the DevOps movement inspired large, enterprise organization with agile practices to allow developers to make quick changes, many of these organization have faced with the difficulty in getting full benefit as their legacy development process were not designed for supporting short software development delivery cycles and frequent production release.

Eight ways AI applications are already making conventional EC smarter – from chatbots to creative AI

, Masaya Mori, AI

    There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change the world over the next few decades. What many do not realize however, is that in some fields, it has already become a large part of the status quo. One such example is e-commerce (EC).

Rakuten’s First Personalized Bot & Beyond

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

    I am happy to share the news that Rakuten had introduced our first personalized chatbot based on Rakuten AI Platform. This AI Platform was announced in April, 2017 and is DevOp-ed by AI Promotion Department at Rakuten.

Collaborative Ecosystems with Data and AI at Rakuten Institute of Technology

, Masaya Mori, AI

New Approach to Innovation – A Collaborative Ecosystem

    Data is one of the most important resources for the economy in the present age. And what’s more, AI is now bringing new value to society at a significant pace.

AI-nization at Rakuten

, Masayuki Chatani, AI

Introduction of Rakuten AI Platform

    At Rakuten, AI Promotion Department was established in August, 2016 and accelerates the commercial deployment of AI functionalities to various Rakuten services.

SHIFT to Swift

, Pavan Kumar, Swift

SHIFT to Swift

An Unusual Journey from Objective-C

Table of Contents

  • Who should read this document?
  • Objective-C to Learning Swift
  • About Swift
  • Why Swift?
  • Swift vs Objective-C
  • Difference
  • Swift and Objective-C Interoperability
  • Case Study
  • Conclusions

Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

, Masaya Mori, announce

Message from Chairperson

On the opening of Rakuten Technology Conference 2017

    This year happily marks the 11th anniversary of Rakuten Technology Conference which we have been hosting since 2007 thanks to your continued support. This conference is planned and operated by Rakuten engineers each year with a theme relative to innovation trends.