The Fight Against Cybercrime



  In recent times, as our reliance on technology increases, so does the threat of online cybercrimes.Online Criminals are dedicated to stealing your online personal information and identification. Important details like user IDs, passwords, credit card or bank information as well as personal information are all at risk of theft from cybercriminals. These online thieves utilize phishing emails, or fraudulent websites as their methods of attack. Whether through email or the web, cybercriminals are sophisticated in making their attacks appear as if they are legitimate websites or messages. The even utilize phishing email schemes, to appear as though they are sent from Rakuten. One real-world example of this is an email that appeared to be sent from Rakuten with the email subject “Congratulations”. These cybercriminals attempted to lure the user with a promise of a prize by inputting their personal information into a fraudulent website. These falsified websites are artistically deceitful as they are often meticulously modeled after Rakuten, utilizing Rakuten’s logo, merchandise photos and descriptions taken directly from one of Rakuten’s services. These websites even feature an e-commerce shopping basket, helping to craft the illusion they are a legitimate service. Of course, no order will ever actually ship. This occurrence becoming more and more common has made all users question the safety and security of online services.

New capability of Docker - Moby & LinuxKit



  This blog introduces what and why Moby & LinuxKit and it’s fundamental concept and major featres. By the end, you will learn what you can benefit from Moby & LinuxKit.

Virtual Reality with Physical Space is the next media for Rakuten


  If you’re an old-fashioned romantic, there’s no better time to express your love for that special someone than Valentine’s Day. Some Romeos go beyond the traditional chocolates and roses and offer their Juliets an engagement ring. But even if you don’t pop the question on February 14, all the work involved in planning a wedding can take away from the high of getting hitched. Researchers at Rakuten Institute Technology, though, are taking some of the pain out of the process with a platform that allows users virtual previews of possible venues for the big day.

Machine learning applications in the e-commerce domain (4)


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Deep learning

  In relation to deep learning, the two-layer network Word2Vec developed by Google was revolutionary. If you input text, you can obtain a vector set as the output, i.e., the feature vector of words in the text. By grouping the words and creating vectors, you can make judgments on similarity, and infer the meaning. Since it uses figures, it is scalable by processing in parallel and this is one of the great advantages of Word2Vec. It is not only applicable to the field of text analysis, but to any kind of data. At Rakuten, we have developed an extended version called Category2Vec and have released it as OSS (ref: We are training it with various kinds of EC data and are beginning to see the possibility of application on a broad scale for product/user analysis and categorization, and estimation of loss data. While Word2Vec is not deep learning itself, it is worth understanding this as a technology in numerical form that can be used in a deep neural network.

Machine learning applications in the e-commerce domain (3)


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Online learning

  When studying machine learning, you will sometimes come across the term “online learning”. For example, in supervised learning such as SVM, first you train with all of the sample data given. Budepending on the volume of sample data or the application, it may not be appropriate to learn all the data at once. As mentioned above, all businesses have time restrictions. There are also system limitations on the volume of data that can be handled, such as the computer processing capacity and memory capacity. There are also cases where the sample data is provided in stages. In these cases, it can be convenient to optimize the parameters for each data set provided, and then revise it and retrain. This kind of method is called online learning. You could also call it “consecutive leaning”. Typical online learning methods are perceptron, CW, AROW and SCW. There is also a method called Streaming Random Forests, which is Random Forest by online learning.

Omotenashi & AI

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

Omotenashi (Hospitality) & AI

This blog is based on my speech at IBM Watson Summit on April 28th, 2017 following to joint press release of Rakuten AI Platform by Rakuten and IBM. (

The Rakuten AI Platform has intended to facilitate various AI applications such as automated chat bot for customer services to be utilized in wide spectrum of Rakuten services including E-commerce, FinTech, Digital content and etc.

Machine learning applications in the e-commerce domain (2)


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Unsupervised learning

 On the other hand, unsupervised learning is a method in which actual data is analyzed without receiving any prior sample data so that the intrinsic structure and characteristics existing in the data are extracted. For example, in recommendation, which is an important function in EC, we often use data clustering, which is an unsupervised learning method that categorizes the customers and products to recommend. As well as supervised learning, unsupervised learning is also used for security purposes. When detecting log-in attacks, we deploy clustering to determine what kind of attack patterns there are.

Machine learning applications in the e-commerce domain (1)


As an introduction to AI, let’s look at the different applications of machine learning in e-commerce

 As a first step to explaining AI, which will without a doubt hugely transform our society over the next few years, let’s walk through an overview of machine learning. The way that machine learning (ML) is used in practice in Rakuten’s e-commerce (EC) platform Rakuten Ichiba, for example, is not very well known, so here I will cover the use of ML methodically section by section.

Drama Vocab Quiz – Here’s How it Works

We’ve built a Chinese and Korean language quiz to estimate how many TV drama words you know. Here is how it works.

Can Artificial Intelligence really be made? Part 1 of 3

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

[Beginning of Artificial Intelligence]

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is considered to be used by John McCarthy, computer scientist for the first time at Dartmouth conference in 1956. Since then it has been passed 60 years. For ordinary people the definitions and understandings of Artificial Intelligence vary, so it is often a topic of discussions what should we call as the Artificial Intelligence. However, I would like to avoid sticking to its definition but I would like to broadly capture it as a computing processing that can do the things only human can do in the past, or a computing processing that can do better than human.