Machine learning applications in the e-commerce domain (1)


As an introduction to AI, let’s look at the different applications of machine learning in e-commerce

 As a first step to explaining AI, which will without a doubt hugely transform our society over the next few years, let’s walk through an overview of machine learning. The way that machine learning (ML) is used in practice in Rakuten’s e-commerce (EC) platform Rakuten Ichiba, for example, is not very well known, so here I will cover the use of ML methodically section by section.

Drama Vocab Quiz – Here’s How it Works

We’ve built a Chinese and Korean language quiz to estimate how many TV drama words you know. Here is how it works.

Can Artificial Intelligence really be made? Part 1 of 3

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

[Beginning of Artificial Intelligence]

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is considered to be used by John McCarthy, computer scientist for the first time at Dartmouth conference in 1956. Since then it has been passed 60 years. For ordinary people the definitions and understandings of Artificial Intelligence vary, so it is often a topic of discussions what should we call as the Artificial Intelligence. However, I would like to avoid sticking to its definition but I would like to broadly capture it as a computing processing that can do the things only human can do in the past, or a computing processing that can do better than human.

Can Artificial Intelligence really be made? Part 2 of 3

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

[Artificial Intelligence also challenged to Quiz Champion]

Artificial Intelligence had challenged Quiz Champion. AI fought against on the famous TV quiz program “Jeopardy” in United States. The AI fight was “Watson” created by IBM. This quiz show has a style to answer as quickly as possible and type of question is known like “The capital of the country is Tokyo”. Every round there are about six topics and the difficulty of the quizzes increase as the reward amount becomes higher.

Can Artificial Intelligence really be made? Part 3 of 3

, Chatani Masayuki, AI

[Artificial Intelligence as a good partner]

With very rapid penetration of internet, computers around the world are being connected. When I first used internet in 1980s, there was no search engine existed. Since then, search engine was invented and we can instantly display the information in the computer around the globe.

Rakuten Platform as a Service and Apache Kafka

, Taichi Nakashima, kafka

Rakuten has been running an internal Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for over 4 years. Rakuten application teams use our PaaS not only for testing but also for running production scale services. Because of the power of PaaS, we’ve been enabling them great productivity. For example, they can release their application and scale them out horizontally when needed using a single command.

On the opening of Rakuten Tech Blog

, Masaya Mori, announce

Hello, everyone. I’m Masaya Mori, the global head of Rakuten Insitute of Technology, and a department manager for Rakuten Development Unit. We are starting a new technology blog to share technology stories inside Rakuten, putting a variety of posts.