User Experience and Storytelling Innovations with 360 Video

360 video cameras allow to create useful content for virtual visits where users feel immersed in remote surroundings and can look in any direction. It will be useful for Rakuten businesses where the quality of service depends on the characteristics of real-world places like beauty salons, travel destinations, and the technology will be helpful for explaining about Rakuten ecosystem or work environment based on real-life situations. Some experiments are ongoing in this domain with Rakuten Beauty and with Rakuten France HR department.

Virtual Reality with Physical Space is the next media for Rakuten


  If you’re an old-fashioned romantic, there’s no better time to express your love for that special someone than Valentine’s Day. Some Romeos go beyond the traditional chocolates and roses and offer their Juliets an engagement ring. But even if you don’t pop the question on February 14, all the work involved in planning a wedding can take away from the high of getting hitched. Researchers at Rakuten Institute Technology, though, are taking some of the pain out of the process with a platform that allows users virtual previews of possible venues for the big day.